With the growing epidemic of Drugs and alcohol abuse annually more and more of us are reaching out for treatment centres and Rehab clinics for help in the UK. Addiction in no untold words is a fatal disease. In all, 288,843 adults (aged 18 and over) were in contact with drug and alcohol services in 2015-16 in the UK; which is a 2% reduction on the previous year. In 2017 this is expected to rise.

With more stay at home drinkers bought on by the ridiculously low price of Alcohol supermarkets there has been a steady increase in Alcohol intake. This has in turn lead to an increase of domestic violence and generally higher rates of alcohol abuse.

People with a dependency on opiates (mainly Heroin) made up the largest proportion (52%, 149,807) in treatment in 2015-16. Illegal drugs are always available and used by many, what we do not realise is that we can become totally reliant on these substances making life spiral out of control.

I don’t think I have to tell you the consequences of Drugs and Alcohol as we all know someone whose life has been totally destroyed by it and deaths are on the rise from overdoses and disease caused by these toxic substances.

The big question is How do we get help if we are caught in the trap? In the UK many of us are not fortunate enough to be on private medical insurance or have the funding to book ourselves into a private rehab which can cost on average between £4,500 – £10,000 for a 28 day program.

Firstly, although there is no such thing as free rehab, government funded places are occasionally made available to people who require intensive support and show sufficient willingness and motivation to succeed. Funding is very limited and there are unfortunately a lot of red tape. These are usually facilitated by your local Drug and Alcohol agency such as Addiction. Spaces are very limited and the wait can be up to a year in some cases at access a Rehab. Anyone who cannot afford a private rehab should engage with their local Drug and Alcohol team in the community for help in the community. Free support also includes:
Nationwide support groups that are free to attend include:

  •     Alcoholics Anonymous
  •     Narcotics Anonymous
  •     Sex and Love addicts anonymous
  •     Gamblers Anonymous

Then we have the people lucky enough to have private medical insurance and most providers will pay for admission to a private rehab. Some are fortunate enough to be cash customers. The latter 2 groups could find themselves in a rehab within days of making the decision to do so. No long wait!

To find the right rehab for you is a personal decision. There are many private rehabs in the UK with instant access or no long waits. To find the rehab that is right for you and within your budget you may decide to trawl through the Internet which can become a very confusing process. Most popular are Rehab finder services with 24 hr Hotlines and experienced staff who offer free assessments and then will come up with a selection of Rehabs that will suit your needs. They make it much easier for you and do most of the organisation.