Behavioural Addictions

Addictions to specific behaviours, rather than substances, are known as process addictions or behavioural addictions. These addictions are no less serious than substance addictions and can be equally damaging to one’s life and health. In fact, eating disorders are some of the most life-threatening behavioural issues encountered in the addiction treatment sphere today. Prompt treatment is essential to preserve one’s health and happiness.

Eating – Each behavioural addiction is treated differently, depending on the disorder itself and the individual in question, tailoring the treatment to the specific needs of everyone. All treatment plans will work to find and address the issues that led to the disorder so the patient can learn to live without repeating the detrimental behaviour in question.

Most behaviour therapy programs incorporate various therapy approaches, such as group talk sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy, individual counselling sessions, art therapy, animal-assisted therapy, exercise, or meditation, and may include medication-assisted treatment as needed. Behaviour addictions require specialized therapeutic interventions, and recovery involves effectively managing triggers and preventing relapse. Treatment programs that offer follow-up sessions or support groups can be incredibly helpful to long-term health and recovery.

Looking for Treatment? Make Sure to Consider These.

Differences in Preferences before and after Treatment A survey was conducted in 2016 by Recovery Brands asking people that were leaving a rehabilitation center what facility characteristics they saw as important aspects to consider when considering a program. The most important consideration was the program’s financial practices, for example payment options, insurance accepted, and financial support. They also appreciated the facility’s offerings (recreational activities, amenities, food, etc.) much more upon treatment completion. Those considering treatment will want to consider a clinic’s payment policies as well as facility offerings to assist them in their final treatment choice.


Getting Help for Addiction

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